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01. Our Story

How we started

3plepix’s story goes back to 2008 where the founders Hafiz and Shazwani started their career in the media industry as juniors in Media Prima Berhad. Back then, Hafiz worked in the Client Servicing Group handling airtime sales for Media Prima TV Networks while Shazwani started out in Media Prima’s Management Office whereby she helped to develop the company’s roadmap.

After two years in the company, Hafiz left to pursue a different path in the IT industry by joining a subsidiary of MIMOS Berhad for a short period before deciding to return to the media industry. He was then recruited by a client to work at the Corporate Communications Division of the National Heart Institute, which is better known as Institut Jantung Negara (IJN). Meanwhile, Shazwani stayed on in Media Prima and joined the Brand Management Group in TV9, whereby she amassed experience in branding and business development.

After six years, both Hafiz and Shazwani felt the urge to start something of their own—hence, 3plepix was born. However, knowing the difficulties of starting a business, they created a photo booth company to get their feet wet in business and gain invaluable experience. After a year of managing the photo booth business, the business shifted towards event management for annual dinners and road shows. Eventually, they landed a contract to manage IJN’s exhibition at a mall whereby 3plepix was in charge of building the Heart Institute’s customised structures.

With these new portfolios under their belt, the company managed to secure a bigger event management gig whereby it was commissioned to build three customised pavilions for CIDB at the International Construction Week (ICW).

In 2018, 3plepix extended its tentacles into digital media and production—managing campaigns for clients, creating new content and delivering excellent results in the digital advertising sphere.

All great things have small beginnings—while the company is still small, it is growing steadily. Armed with the experience of both founders, 3plepix aims to become one of the best marketing agencies in helping clients to build their brands and extend their reach locally and internationally.